Thursday, July 12, 2007

RA work

new job is working as an RA (research assistant) for one of the profs in the english dept. i'm to look through copies of a methodist sunday school periodical for children and try to find stories by a particular canadian suffragette, popular novelist and temperance activist (who may be going under a number of names). there's about 100 issues of the mag between 1902-1906, stored on microfiche. i'm very excited about this job. i've read a lot about this sort of publication in my time trawling children's literature theory but never seen one, and i've never done much archival research. it's also exciting to be paid for my skills and qualifications. on the con side, i'm sure i'll get over the joys of scanning microfiche pretty quick, and it's not a whole lot of work - just occasional. but it's ongoing employment and good experience. i also think i'm going to get along with the prof. she seems pretty cool, excited about the work, and is also a Name within her field. she knew me as "the australian one".

have i mentioned how cool my friend winifred is? this was mostly her doing. also me being pro-active n stuff, even though it's stinking hot and all i really want to do is lie in a cold bath and read this bridge we call home.

great to see you all commenting. i will wear wigs and obfuscate more often!

must go! must buy bubbly, black balloons and liquid eyeliner!


Hardest city dwelling farmer said...

Ah well, aunty-green-gables have fun tomorrow with your eyeliner, balloons and bubby - sounds like you are to celebrate in style!

JT said...

Know it isnt your birthday yet, but it is here. So happy quarter of a century!!!!!
You would do well here today with your eyeliner and witches stuff - there is a fog so thick you cant see 2 feet!!!
Your job sounds fantastic. Very clever you are. You will grow to love microfiche!!!
Have a wonderful day when it is your birthday!!!
Lots of Love

itchy said...

happy australian time birthday to you!
happy australian time birthday to you!
you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow dear gtg.

I shall give you my best wishes on saturday evening. someone told me you may be free to come to havanas..

have an awesome party!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy orstralian birthday to you,
Happy orstralian birthday to you,

heh oh, heh oh,

Lots of lurve,


Anonymous said...

Oh, and btw,
Well done on getting job, 'Australian one'!


Anonymous said...

what can i say?


aunty kant said...

HCDF - ta! we did!

jt - thankyou, crazy auntie. i am so grownup now you woudln't recognise me.

fog sounds neat. it is rianing here now, but has been beautiful and sunny.

loving microfiche, ummmmm, maybe later. . . it is useful, i'll give you that. but it makes my eyes hurt after a couple of hours. you?

love! xoxxo