Thursday, July 26, 2007

do you suffer from the following complaints?

VTA is leaving.


we had a last breakfast at cafe du soleil this morning and had an impromptu dinner party last night. VTA cooked fabulon food for half a dozen friends and we drank wine, and also ate pizza garden pizza (half no cheese). very pleasant but also sad. she has settled in so quickly, and lots of people here will miss her.

i have been studying like a good girl. i have a stack of books about _bleak house_ that comes up to my knees and am back to the library thisarvo. i spent an hour yesterday whizzing through microfilm copies of a manitoban farmer's almanac from 1905. lots of pictures of cows and horses, and fascinating ads for an electric belt that will reinvigorate your manhood. this is for my paid employment.

urg, that's the third ladybird i've removed from my computer in the last week. an infestation!


Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear, sad news, you will miss her. She has featured large in your life during her time there.


aunty kant said...

yes. i shall have to cook for myself! eeeek!

it is sad. *sighs*

Anonymous said...

since when does one say 'urg' to a ladybird?

must be a canadian thing


aunty kant said...

i can say urg to a ladybird if i want to!

i found *another* one this morning. most odd.