Tuesday, July 17, 2007

spooky birthday party

we spent much of my spooooooky friday the 13th party putting makeup on and taking photos of each other. it was great - we're so pretty and scary! we played _susie and banshees_ and _radiohead_ very loudly and drank bubbly and ate cherries and strawberries and pineapple and cake. two cakes! it's fun having a summer birthday - my first ever. now i am 25 and very grownup and mature.

very entertaining and thoughtful presents, including a beautiful gift box of stinky cheese, bike bell and lights, homegrown garlic (to fend off vampires), socks from the kiddie section of GAP, a "go veg" tshirt, two jars of vegemite and a shower of white flower petals.

i feel special and loved.


Anonymous said...

how lovely for you


JT said...

Sounds like you had the best birthday!!!
Certain people who shall not be named are nicking off to Melb for the Tori Amos gig on MY birthday!!!
Where is your parcel from me??? Will know next time to sent it months in advance!!!
Wish it was summer here and I was in in shorts and t-shirts, instead of tights, singlets, thermals, skivvy, jumper, coat, scarf ..... and on and on!!! Still my boronia is in bud, so spring mustn't be all that far off.