Saturday, December 02, 2006

congrats to tofu and the hard farmer!

i have the perfect bridesmaid's gown earmarked on ebay:
sorry, i couldn't find any apricot taffeta. will this match your frocks?


Tofu said...

lentil dear,
You have just announced our wedding to everyone before we got around to it.
We haven't chosen our frox yet, but will be very careful to make sure they match... a different bridesmaid's frock.
Can't wait to see ya,
Tofu sandwich

Anonymous said...

You'll look pretty in this - pretty awful. Keep surfing ebay.

gtg said...

oh! should i take it down? it's not yet business hours in melb!

glad to hear you luuuuurve the frock as much as i do. this will be the best wedding ever!

love lentil-lino

Anonymous said...

dearest lentil (does this mean you identify as a pulse instead of a bean?),
go the penguin suit i say.
This will indeed be the best wedding ever, and this little melbournite is very sniffly indeed that she won't be there (in a spiffy suit). Am working on a video linkup as we speak (it'll involve us all in formal gear in our lounge at 3am drinking bubbly and throwing rice and confetti at sally's webcam ;-)
(massive hugs)

Anonymous said...

oops forgot to say that the last msg was from sar the swing bear ;-)

gtg said...

dear sar the swing bear (this is a day for silly monikers!)

i identify as many pulses. concrete identites are so last season.

hmm. . . penguin suit. . . but maybe the others would be better in them? musn't upstage the brides.

yes, i wish you were there, and i'm sure the others do too. i wonder if we could do a webcast? is that just *too* geeky? i'm sure we can do a champagne toast anyway! and you can do one for them! huzzah! bubbly solves all problems!

lubs cicero