Friday, December 22, 2006

london is cool


eee! spent entire day sight-seeing, what fun. have been on lots of red double-decker buses and been on the tube and seen bobbies in hard hats. it's kinda like travelling on a big monopoly board. ooo, went to paddington station too. anyways, today i went to trafalger square and saw the lions then to the portrait gallery. the portrait gallery was *amazing*. the benefits of a (post) colonial literary education. i was muttering things like "_pamela_ sucked, you know" and "ooo, they left all the good bits out of that george elliot blurb". and i saw the brontes, poor old things, and masses of tudors. god the paintings were fabulous. lots of good elizabeths and baby kings and hundreds of henry VIII's wives. a bit dusty but.

then i went for a bit of a wander down the thames (cold and foggy, which is appropriate), over the bridge with a quick gawk at big ben, and to the tate modern, which had some very cool stuff in, including these enormous slides people were going down. then i went for a wander over to teh globe theatre but it was closing so i walked over the millenium bridge and up to st pauls, which was pretty speccy. and then i managed to get the tube home and change lines and everything. good ol' london a to z.

now i am tired and have a lovely stack of postcards. we head off to york tomorrow, very early. very lovely to be back with the girls.

p.s. sorry photos are all out of order. they are all of things i've seen today, so you can match them up yourselves. . .


grot said...

sounds exactly like a day in london should be

glad yr enjoying it

we might not be online much for a week, but maybe vron will let us use her puter

merry xmas darling - have fun in york

gtg said...

hi grotty! you're on line!

it was a grand day in london. i like london. there's things.

have fun w vron and yr new virtual daughter. (humph.) merry christmas!

grot said...

yoohoo - on vron's puta - she's not here

merry christmas - don't get too lonely

gauri said...

happy christmas, fellow heathen. london looks perty. when's the ceremony ?

itchy fingers said...

yay! happy english christmas to you!

hope yours was as freezing as ours!

ta for the sms, was wonderful surprise.
talk soon,


grot said...

where r u?

i'm lonely!

grot said...

becos u weren't here, i just spent an hour on this blog

interesting idea

gauri said...

hey ! are you still alive ?