Thursday, December 07, 2006

learning, growing and procrastinating

urg. tired. but i've discovered the first volume of harry potter as an audiobook on the shared music thingie and i'm going to go to bed and listen to more of that. crying out for a good editor.

managed to avoid doing any of my own work today, which is an achievement. marking is the perfect procrastination tool. i did a whole class-worth and feel very proud. actually i feel like i've achieved stuff with some of these students. we've learned and growed together.

spent all morning getting screwed round by beauracry. it's been a while, y'know. this time it was banks who swore black and blue over email and phone that i could apply for a credit card but in person laughed and snorted. except for the bank branch that had mysteriously moved to another location - one the bus driver had never heard of. waste of a bloody morning.

i always thought it was easy to get into debt. . .

had our last asian-canadian lit class night, which was sad. it's been a very mind-extending sort of course. and such fabulous books. i have half a dozen authors to look out for now. ended with a whooooooole lot of food, oh so much food, and the prof handing out old books related to the course. it was a lovely way to finish, and now i have reading to look forward to when i finish this essay.

hmmm, essays, one down, one to go. plus marking then invigilating and marking the first year exam. then sleeping and stuff. yeah. oh and another international jaunt.


itchy fingers said...

ooh! audiobooks on limewire? awesome!

you can have my credit card debt if you like. really, it's no trouble.

gtg said...

no, not limewire. cos of being on a shared net connection in the res building i get everyone's itunes libraries. if they choose to share. i do not choose to do so. anyways, "spud" has 'some harry potter book' on his itunes. neat, huh?

though i reckon you could find it on limewire if you looked.

i don't need it anymore! but thankyou.

itchy fingers said...

ps. was the title a reference to our old school motto?

have just realised and am appalled by the memories it has unleashed.

gtg said...

oh dear. one's subconscious is a powerful force, huh? i thought it was familiar when i was writing it.

what memories?

itchy fingers said...

mostly of the speechs at Big School about things like dirty Spaniards trying to pick pocket AP in Barcelona and getting kicked in the face.

also that lame song with the girls choir singing 'we learn and grow. . .at mowbray' which i can't remember the melody of, but my subconscious is using 'the sound of silence' for want of something better.