Friday, December 15, 2006

fascinating news

a'right, so what's been happening?

went to the vso christmas concert last night, which had opera singers and orchestral music and sing-a-longs. good clean fun. it was held in the uniting church, which is a big stone church downtown with vaulted ceilings and stainglass windows. this was with the other MAs. we went out after and had some interesting grub at "tom + jerrys". they're all heading off in the next day or two for colder parts of canada.

have spent the last couple of days wandering round downtown and the drive, buying presents and books and fruitlessly trying to get my shoes resoled. beginning to think i should bite the bullet and buy a new pair of docs in the uk - the current ones lasted eleven years, which is excellent value for money. the brown boots may yet find a repairer, just a bit tricky cos "rossi jumbucks", y'know. . . anyway, i know nobody else is interested much in my boots. what else exciting?

gave chrissy cards and tacky koala clip-ons to friend-types, which have been well received, so there to ppl who said they were tacky! i would be very pleased if someone gave me a tacky moose clip-on. winifred says i am spreading the myth that if you go to australia you can cuddle koalas. this all at eleanor's goodbye drinkies tonight, which i just got back from. oh and bumped into anne at my favourite second hand bookshop on the drive, which was entirely cool. we did coffee and she bumped into a girl she went to class with. so very cosmopolitan, we are.

the snow gave up after about half an hour, boo, and it's been bucketing down rain ever since. supposed to be a huge storm tonight. hope everyone's flights leave okay. they've been evacuating people on the island cos the electricity's been down for a week. i seem to have arrived in time for some serious weather. this is a recap of events from the globe and mail:

"Even before this latest storm hit Thursday, it's been a violent and early start to the winter season. On Vancouver Island, some residents have lost power three times in the past two months. In November, residents along the edge of the Chilliwack River in the Fraser Valley were washed out of their homes, and homeowners in West Vancouver were forced from their cliff-side residences when trees threatened to slide down into their bedrooms.

The gales and rainfall created landslides into the Greater Vancouver region's drinking-water supply, forcing an unprecedented 12-day boil-water advisory for one million residents. It was also the snowiest November in Vancouver's history."

interesting stuff, eh? oh and i got my vapouriser thingy working and am working my way through all eight essential oils i have lined up on my desk. it's so lovely. i can smell it when i walk in the door. (this cos i'm not allowed incense or candles cos of smoke detector of doooooom)

there, aren't you glad you asked?


Lize said...


when are you coming to uk?? where will you be when?? more news please!

yay for babylet! boy or girl??!!! (i can't believe you didn't include that bit already!) sorry for the lack of contact, internet has been infrequent at best

lubs and hugs from me

ps aussie accent from me too if we manage to meet up!!

gauri said...

red and blue not easy to read. i only read it cos i love you. don't do it ! no no !

you could get awesome docs that you can't get in austraia !

i can't believe that river is called chilliwack. that is just so special.

you should get on skype some time when i am on, which is most always this weekend.

gauri said...

red on blue, i mean.

grot said...

see, someone agrees with me about text colour

thanks for the support, gauri

gtg said...

hello lize, i see you're deigning to appear on blogger nowadays!

i will email with details of trip and stuff. if i can find yr address.

gtg said...

god, bloody demanding public. i was trying to be *festive", orright? how much does it hurt to have a little bit of christmas spirit, i ask you. . .

gtg said...


yes! i could! i was looking on the interwebs. i could get ones with union jacks on the toes or polka dots or zebra print or shiny silver/black or or or i could get ones i could actually polish and hopefully last another ten years. but $$$ (except pound symbols, which i can't do).

glad you enjoy the river. if i ever go there i will send you a postcard. actually i don't know where it is. oh well.