Tuesday, December 19, 2006

travel details

dear all,

as i may have mentioned once or twice i'm skipping *this* country tomorrow. yeah. i'm leaving here on the 20th in the arvo and arriving in london 21st midday (local times). back in canadia on the 5th of jan.

i expect interweb access will be intermittent, so don't be worried if i don't post too often. i'll do my best to keep the blog up and running. otherwise look forward to masses of photos when i get back!



grot said...

wehn you come back, i'd like you to make your profile more interesting, like itchy has

76 people have been disappointed so far

gtg said...

i am so popular

tine said...

photos!! yes please! lots and LOTS! have a good flight, etc. say hi to the brides-to-be / newlyweds!