Thursday, December 21, 2006


guess where i am!

london is cool, the girls are fab, going to art galleries tomorrow!


BBB said...

How wonderful for you.

itchy fingers said...

eee! the fog couldn't stop you! well done.

camden market, camden market, camden market.

grot said...

the Globe, Portrait Gallery, the Thames, Harrods, National Gallery, the Tube, the Courtauld etc etc

spent many hours at Camden Market, but not a lot of money in the end - one cup of coffee tasol

gauri said...

hurrah ! glad you're safe hon ! <3

Lize said...


i arrive (i really really hope) on the 24th...

and yay the globe!!

let me know what works in terms of meetup. would be so fun! i am so sick of non-english speaking countries it's not funny.

gtg said...

in my *one* other day here i am intending to go to westminster abbey and maybe buckingham palace or the british museum or something. oh yes. would harrods have docs?

good to see you all!