Tuesday, December 05, 2006

last renaissance class

"whenever you've got three men you know you've got some kind of crazy-ass new testament parable thing going on."

we had our last renaissance marvellous class last night, which was kinda sad. it's been a fun subject. last night we were discussing _the tempest_, bacon's "the new atlantis" and four critical articles. there's been a lot of reading for this one. . . i don't get why shakespeare criticism is all about shakespeare criticism. drives me up the wall.

anyways, we had nice quiche in the break and the prof's partner brought in their little boy to say hi, and i spent all class nursing my new special friend:

then we all went out after and had nice red. very good night.

it has stopped snowing and gone back to grey and miserable, but only light rain, so the snow is still thick on the ground. nice warm eight degrees.

christmas trip keeps getting more exciting!

now i'd best go get going on this essay due in two hours. . .


grot said...

does this little friend have a name?

gauri said...

hello puppet angel !!!

you look hot in that picture, btw. you should send it to all prospective suitors.

gtg said...

his name is angel (from buffy. then from angel, the nasty spinoff).

i borrowed him from j who got him from a comic shop downtown. he has little black boots with laces. angel. not j. j has expensive prada shoes without laces.

gtg said...

angel says "hi!" and also "grrrr! aargh!"

i say, "yes, it's my impish goodlooks."

*rushes to pink sofa* hahaha