Monday, December 18, 2006

stunning views of places that are not here III

this is the hard farmer looking interprid on her mountaineering trip to switzerland. fabulous mountains and spectacular amounts of fitness. the mountain in the background (Weissmies) was 4023 metres!

thanks HF!

in other news, i am informed by the parental unit that we have more aunt-types on board. welcome! hello to mrs darcy from healesville, fb from Eltham and mb from kalorama. and also mc, who is not an aunt but is still very welcome. please do comment - the more the merrier!

i have been pottering round downtown doing last minute things then stomping back through the snow to an increasingly deserted university to potter round my room. rereading the bartimaeus trilogy, which is fab - you all must do likewise. that is all.

[one degree and snowing]

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