Tuesday, December 12, 2006

other ppl

hellos and hugs to those coping with bushfires and smoke. thinking of you.

hi to caroline, my friend with the silly accent, and good luck with the texans. also ta for chrissy card. it came yesterday!

also big thankyous to jt for *two* fabulous packages! the beanie and mittens are fab - they fit just right and are warm and stylish. and then fab smelly things! in scents i like! also impressive packaging. now i can take australia where-ever i go. . .


JT said...

I'm glad you got both parcels - did they come on the same day, cos they were posted a week apart. They oils only took a week then!! They came from a lovely little place up near Coffs Harbour and they grow all their own ingredients (or most of them).
Happy that the hat and mittens fit.
Now ... will I blow the eucalyptus photo up and laminate it for nanny???????
I'm not getting excited about Xmas - just the fact that I dont have to go to work for a month!!!

grot said...

if you blow that photo up for nanny you'll only have yrself to blame for the ensuing continuous repetitive questions about what the hell lian is doing

yve been warnied

gauri said...

you are *so* weird.

gtg said...

jt- they did indeed come on the same day. it was fabulous. the beanie and mittens parcel took up the entire mailbox, then there was a christmas card and little note announcing another parcel squished up the back. windfall!

apparently canada post picks up their game around christmas. yay for them, i say.

eucalyptus is such a pungent scent, isn't it? i miss gum trees something chronic. d'reckon i could find a little one in a pot??

you blow them up and laminate them??? i feel um, special.

do! she'd love it!

but think of the pink chrissie tree! and noreil! don't be such spoil-sport! (has nanny got my parcel, btw?)

enjoy yr week off.

gtg said...

thankyou, gaurox.


JT said...

Sorry - yes Nanny has your Balls!!!
I was supposed to thank you a week ago!! She was so excited and has them on the pink tree right at the top!! And she loved the card. It too is sitting in your "Shrine"
I will do her the eucalyptus one, just to show her that you are as loony as the rest of us!!! (if not loonier!!!!!!!!!) Who else in the family would do that. Stef? Carmen? Corinne?

gtg said...


oh, goodie, i'm glad nanny got her parcel. i bought the decorations from the funky craft market i went to a couple of weeks ago. this veyr shy girl felted them herself.

oh, as if any of you lot wouldn't do the same! i'm no weirder than the rest of us! except for putting it on the internet. . .