Saturday, December 09, 2006


aaargh! slept in! (carefully set alarms but neglected to turn either on) shouldn't have gone to party! though party was fun.

all i have to do is mark all those essays and write one of my own. and organise sixteen million illustrations for essay. by monday morning.

marked six essays before breakfast.

doooooooom. . .


tine said...

this is THE cutest picture. i want to blow it up and put it on my wall! seriously.

received my spesh package today (perfect timing!) - thank you for novel, looks promising. i may or may not also have sent a package this morning ...


grot said...

yes - only this morning worked out what you are hiding behind - i have thought it was a blue sheet until now

now that i get it, it is a funny foto

gtg said...

hi tiney-tine (tiny-tine? like tiny tim? tiny time? oh dear. . .)

i heartly encourage photos of me on your wall. i have four pictures of you.

yaaaaay! special package! happy birthday, specialhead. you're so old. novel is entirely promising. fabulous stuff.

oooo, package for me. will keep an eye on the mailbox. (as always). thankyou!


gtg said...

hi grotty,

you're a bit spesh. . .

glad it is funny. i thought it was, but then i always find my jokes hilarious.