Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i'm back!

i'm baaaack! *and* i'm just about finished! i got that essay done - woke up at 3am realising i hadn't answered the question i posed with such rhetorical flourish in the introduction, but couldn't do anything to the essay without redoing all the formatting i'd spent hours on, so. why do i always insist on using illustrations??? years out of my life. . . they are pretty though. nearly exploded the communal printer getting them on paper. heh.

got the marking done with brutal efficiency then promptly collected another pile twice as high. invigilating exams is excessively boring. marking them was okay though, cos the TAs got together and had an exam marking party. we made pizza and gossiped and i got nearly all my marking done! huzzah!

i leave in eight sleeps. eeeee! so very very exciting! plans for the intervening period include doing everything i've put off over the last two weeks (dishes, shoe repair, groceries, find a plant sitter, reply to lovely emails, chase up books for next semester, etc.) and oh, there's a word i want, um resuscitating? my "explore vancouver" project, which i'm really looking forward to. i'm going to go back out to kits, round more of downtown than robson, back to the art gallery, into stanley park, down main street, oooo, so many possibilities. especially now i have the coat of fabulousness (TM). and also seeing humans again.

just finished "p+p" and "jane eyre" and have started elizabeth gaskell's biography of jane eyre. now to find a nice book about the tudors. had my first strawberry margie (from a slushie machine!) since i left, which was sort of comforting and familiar. . . this was at a mexican themed christmas party. at which i met lots of nice people, including a child_lit woman i'd been in contact with before i left. i also encountered my first mocker of australian accents, which made me really mad, especially as i was in dinner party mode and just nodded politely instead of telling him where to go. next time, my friends, next time. i have become increasingly desperate for australian accents (had a good chat with the ausn at the friday party) so am listening to triple j and r via webstreaming (fabulous interweb, how i love thee).


grot said...

glad yr having fun


gtg said...

thankyou, grotta dear.