Friday, December 01, 2006

happy birthday, grotty!
have been doing study and socialising and stuff, so no posting. here are some more pics of snow. purty. we had another night of snow and since then it has been clear and warm (2 degrees yesterday!) but the snow is still around. the trees have sprouted fairy lights and look very beautiful against the snow.
handed in my proposal, started working on the essay. taught my last class, it was okay, bit subdued for my noisy group. leaving for the uk in nineteen sleeps! got not one but *two* postcards from the the girls - they'd been hiding in the international student society rooms. the postcards, not tofu and the hardfarmer. that would be silly.

dinner at winifred's place tonight, with some of the gang, then b'day drinks with the other MAs downtown. essays be damned! i love my coat like a mongoose. maybe more.


grot said...

sounds like yr havin gfun

are those yr funnly little feet down the bottom there?

gtg said...

fun also study also fun. y'know. lotsa stuff going on.

yep! you mean you didn't recognise those nice non-bandy legs, weakling ankles and fat baby feet?