Monday, December 18, 2006

more winter wonderland stuff

those mountains are so cool. nothing on HF's, of course, but this was taken from the eng dept window. it is only snowing up high - raining downtown.


grot said...

no mountains and probably no snow in England - why you going there?

gtg said...

friends! brontes! weddings! ppl that don't sound like americans! bath! london! etc.

(i will have been there!)

JT said...

I've been there!!!! I especially loved the front of the Bath Cathedral - sat and looked at it for ages!!
Have a wonderful time. Will think of you when we are sitting in the smoke at Noreuil - although would you believe it - they have forecast rain for Xmas Day. Nanny was right all along!!!

BBB said...

Yes, check out the front of the Bath Cathedral. Speccy.

grot said...

Nanny is ALWAYS right. SHE knew mk (she needs a better blog name - suggestions?) was going to Kerry's for Xmas lunch!

JT, (or other lurkers) what is the name of Henry VIII's palace that PT and MK went to in London? I haven't been there, but i reckon gtg needs to go there, to the Globe Theatre and the Tudor room in the Portrait Gallery to further her knowledge of hte Tudors for her course in 07.

JT said...

EEEKKKK the weather forecast for Xmas day at Noreuil is 19 DEGREES!WHHHAAAAT????
I think you mean Hampton Court and yes you must go there. It is all so Tudor and wonderful. Anne Boleyn and scumbag Henry's initials are entwined in the Chapel!! Poor silly woman!! And take special note of the chimney pots. That's enough "you must go there's" for now. Have fun XXXXX

gtg said...

hah! now we can all have cold and rainy christmasses! though i bet mine's colder. . .

i suggest we either call her the knight. maybe the lady knight. or alanna, the fictional lady knight i'm referring to (she suggests, exposing the depths of her geekiness). anyway, i can't believe she's abandoning you! how will you send me cute photos of the baby cousins in santa hats???

thankyou for the many suggestions. will see how we're doing for time.

so exciting! i leave tomorrow!


ps. not actually doing a course on the tudors, just interested cos am big nerd. see above.