Saturday, December 09, 2006

help pls

also, having been raised heathen, i need some help - what would you call this picture? jesus washing the feet of the disciples? is there a common name for this?

it's for my essay


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's Jesus Washing the Feet of the Disciples. Google this phrase and you'll see.

gtg said...

ha! good! i'm not that bible-illiterate!

thankyou, mysterious commentor!

MK said...


I have no idea about the jesus but I wanted to say hello anyway. We are here in Melbourne for A's & A wedding and at we are at o & pt's for dinner. I have had trouble getting on to your blog but will get ck to help me now i am back in dubbo. i just saw your history since you have been in Canada and the pictures are wonderful. right now it is 40 plus and i wish i was in the snow!!

I am glad to hear that you are settling in to canada life and the the snow and we think about you often.

we did get your postcard - thankyou and are looking foward to more to put with your, gb and bb travel photos - we still have the

italy christmas postcard (and when i think
of it we have

have it your graduation photo too) next to the phone. i havve to get used to this computer befoer i can get rid of the spaces

lots and lots of love and kisses

mk, ck, AK &

mk said...

now that i have thought about it - feet washing is an easter ritual and in the catholic faith is recreated by the priest and 12 good catholics who have dirty feet!!!

JT said...

Great explanation MK. Specially love the dirty feet comment!!! But not true, I bet those chosen 12 all have their feet in a foot spa with smelly stuff hours before they have to get their shoes and socks off in public!!!

gtg said...

hello mk! fancy meeting you here! how lubly.

glad to hear you've been galivanting round melbourne. hope the wedding went well and the childers had fun.

yes, i think i'd rather snow than 40! though there's hardly any snow left, just sad little dirty piles occasionally where the snow ploughs dumped their loads.

glad you got hte postcard. i shall attempt to send one from england as well, just to say "i've been there!" y'know. . .

give my love to the other Ks.

love gtg