Monday, November 27, 2006

B.C. coasters can drink the water if it isn't frozen

Globe and Mail Update

Beset by weather woes all month, Vancouverites received their first good news in weeks Monday, as health officials lifted a boil-water advisory that had hampered daily life here for the past 11 days. But, the good news comes amid another hectic weather day in the province, this one caused by a heavy snowfall and chilly temperatures, following weeks of record rain and wind.

A blast of winter weather swept through the Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island Sunday and Monday leaving between 20 and 50 centimetres of snowfall in its wake. Environment Canada officials predict temperatures will drop below minus 20 C Monday evening.


itchy fingers said...

minus 20?

*attempts comprehension*


gtg said...

yes, i know. how is it possible? but winifred and her boy keep telling me stories of -40 winters and how they miss it. it's all about dressing appropriately and not being outside for more then twenty minutes, apparently.

BBB said...

minus 20
Yee hah!!!!!
I'd love it (in the right gear, in the right place.)

BBB said...

Are you a B C coaster?

gtg said...

sure, baby, i coast all the time. . .

um, dunno. i think so. in terms of the province i'm on the coast, but in terms of the city i'm in the 'burbs/mountains.

it's not gonna get to -20 up here. it's sitting on -8/9 at the moment, and it's nearly midnight.

yeah, 20 to 50cm!

gauri said...

cold !! cold cold cold ! but pretty.

gtg said...

true dat!