Saturday, November 25, 2006


various views round campus:
view from the train station:
and the only sensible response to such weather:
so i got snowed on while i was doing my shoppping. huzzah! pretending like this is normal, what fun. bloody cold but. also went to a lovely "i heart crafts" market and bought some funny handmade clothes with feathers and prints from artsy hippie student types, to keep self warm and support independent artists. very good fun. and when i left the legion hall (like an rsl, even smelt the same) it was snowing! so pretty!

good party last night for muffin's bday. (his partner let slip his petname, haha, so winifred made him a 'don't mess with muffin' tshirt, which i think he liked) good people, good chats, good bubbly. the abba karaoke with fork-microphones at 1am was a bit much. hee! this leaving my room business is fun.

pretending homework is not there. hmmm. blaaaaah. snowing! must run around in snow and wear odd clothes!


missymojay said...

Is that the legion on Commercial Drive? Cos I used to dance there of a Saturday night.

Wow. I'm 85 years old.

gtg said...

yes, yes it is, and yes, yes you are.

i can see it would be a nice place to dance when not filled with crafty hippies. you would love my new stupid arm things. they have *feathers* and are cack green in the best style. . .