Monday, November 20, 2006

that was way harsh, thai

this was actually a gorgeous pink sunset (at 3.30pm) which the camera has chosen not to render in its true colours. taken from my office, waiting for one of my students to drop by. she emailed me saying she had forgotten to hand in page 4 of her last essay and would i mind discussing how much influence the missing page had on my comment that her argument was a little incohesive? which would be fine except that she got the highest mark in the class. . .

no news. left my room, talked to humans, all good. went for a swim, did my renaissance presentation, ate strange holiday-themed biscuits. getting very bored with boiling all my water.

oh, that's right! i had an enlightening cross-cultural discovery. when nth americans say 'entree' what they mean is 'main course'. it's a hangover from the french or something. this explains two things: 1. the menus which have page after page of entrees and no main courses. 2. that scene in clueless where she says she's divided the food donations into entrees and appetisers.

it's so nice when these things fall into place.


Caroline said...

You know, that always confused me too! But I suppose we can't blame the Americans - they can't even use English properly, so what hope do they have for French? ;)

gauri said...

!!! that explains so many things ! i thought she was just being weird and thick. haha.

gtg said...

oh, so it's not even proper french? hah!

glad i can bring us all to a greater understanding of one of the great classics of our early adolescence.