Friday, November 24, 2006

told ya it was cold!

the view from my window:
doesn't it look like a tacky christmas card???
this is so very cool!


Caroline said...

Snow! Snow! I want snow! Can you bring it with you when you come at New Year?

gtg said...


*looks dubiously at small freezer*

gauri said...

haha !! you look like SUCH a tourist in the first one.

gtg said...

shuttup! do not!

though, come to think of it, i was the only person running round excitedly. . .

did my grocery shopping in the snow today, which is very 'i live here and am blase' of me, i think. *blows raspberry*

bbb said...

Not fair - you've taken our snow!
I want some!


gtg said...

come here and get it then! ha!

you should see it now! eeee!