Thursday, November 16, 2006


i should point out at this point that i'm not in coastal BC, and most of this is happening on vancouver island (main city is victoria) which is off the coast. they had a tsunami warning thismorning after the earthquake in japan. (very interesting to be affected by different geographical proximity). up here on the mountain it is blustery and cold and has rained all day - nothing particularly out of the ordinary. maybe the wind. in fact, i got mocked today for complaining about the cold:

me: i have to grab my hat or my ears'll fall off!
eleanor: dude, it's like six degrees.

j (who will henceforth be known as winifred cos she is from winnipeg - tacky i know) and i did bickram yoga this morning. it was interesting. not really my thing, because there was no giggling (except when either of us fell over) or fun (i miss circus) and it was all about sucking in yr stomach and 'pull it til it hurts then go a little further', which is not the way i want to relate to my body. i feel all limber and bendy, though, and it was very nice to be warm for a while.

ps. we got 38.8ml of rain yesterday.

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