Monday, November 27, 2006

campus closed

-4 degrees and sunny

aaargh! lookit:
"CAMPUS CLOSED - November 27th snow day
Burnaby campus of the University will be closed all day today. There are no classes, and the library and daycare centre are also closed. "

we're snowed in! luckily buses are still running (though the inty isn't). i feel all laura ingalls wilderish and keep getting the urge to make little newspaper sticks to put on the fire.

extra day to do my proposal! huzzah!

still stunningly beautiful, though very very cold. now it's cleared up a bit you can see out to the mountains, though they're still a bit foggy. and the boiled water advisory has been lifted! bet you'd all forgetten about that! yes, i have been boiling every drop i drank for the last what, week? yea gods.

good to hear from you all.


itchy fingers said...

it's november!

what's it going to be like in january/february?

one big holiday in the winter wonderland, says i.

gtg said...

sh! we're not thinking about that. . .

it is unusual for it to snow this early, i hear tell. lucky i'm heading off to balmy england, where it's 15 today. lordie.