Thursday, November 09, 2006

lists (cos it's either that or bitch about my student, which isn't allowed on the interweb)

subjects i'm doing/ courses i'm taking next semester (your choice of the ausn or canadian version)

The Medieval Book and Medieval Literature:

"This course starts with the hypothesis that the medieval manuscript, as an idea, participates in various symbolic discourses, while at the same time each medieval manuscript is a distinct cultural artifact; the writings inscribed on their foliate skins both condition and are conditioned by their transmission in such ideological and material forms. We will spend the semester interrogating this hypothesis."

i'm sure it'll be much more fun than it sounds. i like medieval stuff. and medievalists. . .

reading list includes the riverside chaucer and good ol' piers plowman.

Feminist Theory: Critical Intersections & New Directions (invading the women's studies dept - all good):

"In this course, we will reflect on the current state of feminist theory and explore its challenges and future directions. Special attention will be paid to feminist theory’s intersections with critical race theory, postcolonial theory, queer and transgender theory, and masculinity studies."

all new new books, earliest is 2002. i've heard of a couple of the theorists. should be very interesting.

also french-for-grad-students-who-need-to-pass-the-language-requirement.

TAing either a first year subject about poetry about love and death or a second year one about the city in literature. neither of which i'm particularly excited by, but everything else clashed with the feminist theory seminar. i'm sure they'll be fine once i get in there. had a nice tute today on postmodernism and post-strucuralism. hah!

books i am reading right now:

salt fish girl - larissa lai
volatile bodies: towards a corporeal feminism - elizabeth grosz
swallows and amazons - arthur ransome
only connect: readings of children's literature - ed. egoff, stubbs and ashley
honey sandwich - elizabeth honey

things i should be reading:

certainty - madeleine thien
"transubracination" - ashok mathur
"literary citizenship" - donna pennee
the discovery of the large, rich, and beautiful empire of guiana - walter ralegh
"the work of gender in the discourse of discovery" - louis montrose
the transgender studies reader - ed. stryker and whittle
about sixteen million first year essays

good things i had for lunch:
mutter paneer
mango lassi


grot said...
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grot said...
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tine said...

is fmst theory class the one you emailed me about? cuz i cannot open attachment. boo. fmst theory sounds good though. that is all.

gtg said...


cannot open attachment? that's bad. should i try again or send link or sommat? good reading list. i think you would like it.

hey, you exist! who knew?