Monday, November 27, 2006

the inty is back!

gosh, so now i can post all the photos i've been sitting on. it's so beautiful and i feel like such a tourist. plus i have to take off one pair of gloves to use the camera. . .

photos from yesterday. this is a view of the courtyard. the water has frozen over now.
nice tree shots:

me looking dorky (but warm!):
and some steps:
this is for grotty. my american beauty moment. in snow. (with accidental and not particularly appropriate soundtrack.)


BBB said...

Lovely photos - looks beautiful.
Yep, you do look all rugged up, and always remember:
no brain - no pain

gtg said...

i was wearing two cotton, two thermal, one wool and and one waterproof layer on my top half. overkill, me?

ta re. photos.

grot said...

thank you for the very beautiful dancing plastic bag

the soundtrack was totally appropriate, given the theme of American Beauty

gtg said...

glad you liked it. everything is slower now, because of the cold, and it drifted so slowly and beautifully.