Friday, November 17, 2006


"In British Columbia's case, there was an intense period of heavy rainfall — 10 to 15 millimetres per hour for 15 hours straight — that caused a runoff into the three watersheds that supply water for about two million people from the North Shore to Vancouver to Langley."

sorry, i'm finding this fascinating. cos we have a rainwater measure thingy in the dale and i'm used to bbb recording, y'know, 6ml here and there and getting very worried in summer. not 15ml an hour!

"Whistler-Blackcomb Mountain is opening a week earlier than scheduled after receiving 186 centimetres of snow so far."


Anonymous said...

186cm of snow so far...........
Aaaaargh.. we didn't get that much for the whole of last season!

Will it still be therre in April?

Anonymous said...

15ml per hour
Amazing. that is so much rain (dude).
You are so right. We sweat over every millimetre here.

Total for October - lowest on record - 18 years - 8mls for the whole month. Not the whole hour, and teh next, and the next....


gtg said...



it has stats going back six years. the short answer is yes!

wow. 8ml for a month.

haha, my city is soggier and colder than yours! i mean. . . oh. . . *goes to find raincoat and gumboots*