Saturday, November 11, 2006

memorial day

(the dark spots are from the rain)

it's memorial day. for the last couple of weeks there have been these lovely spots of colour on everybody's clothes. the front page of the paper says:

"since world war 1 more than 100 wars and civil conflicts have been fought. 160,000,000 have died."

bit of a blah day. wandering round buying milk and light bulbs and moping. it is cold and grey and wet and starting to get dark now. it's 3.30pm. there's a lot of work i should be doing.

i'm studying, really. . .


grot said...

as a commentator, i resent that slur in your blog title

gtg said...

it's not a slur. it's enthusiasm!

grot said...

get off and study!

don't mope - it's bad for the digestion

gtg said...

i'll mope if i want to!

you try not moping in this climate. meh.

gaurox said...

i miss 3d lian ! waah !

gtg said...

so you can watch me sleeping again, ya big creep???

(by which i mean i miss 3d gaurox too)

Anonymous said...

The Australain newspaapers at this time are full of how many orstralians were killed in WW1
Bugger everybody else

gtg said...

in some ways there's more acknowledgement that there is a rest-of-the-world. in other ways this only extends to nth america.

australia rarely registers. you are very far away, you know.