Wednesday, November 29, 2006

downtown (snow)

made a quick trip downtown today, scuttled round to the post office and bank and some other places, then went to catch the bus before they close the roads again. it's started snowing again! lovely warm day, didn't get below -2. hah! we've expected to get another 5 or 10cm of snow, then it will start raining tomorrow.

very pretty in the city, especially once it started up again. pretty much business as usual. there was a very cranky pug in a little coat, all covered in snow. my students were complaining yesterday of their parents making them shovel snow, and telling stories of their dogs. one of them had a little dog who likes to play in the snow. running round the backyard he would completely disapear except occasionally when they'd see him leaping up over a drift.

last tutes this week. i shall miss my thursday group. they're such fun.

anyways, here 's downtown:

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