Tuesday, November 14, 2006

psychotic crocheted fruit and vegetables

fabulous crocheted mutant fruits! huzzah!

there's a free pattern for the psychotic tomato on the site.

all you crocheters out there, you know you want to!

which is to say that not much happened today. we did peer editing in my first year tute, which was pretty dull for all of us, but hopefully productive. i got all my photocopying/printing/marking done in between things and saw a bunch of good people. the asian-canadian seminar went pretty well. it seemed to hang together more than other seminars have and we got onto some pretty interesting issues, mainly about citizenship, nationality, institutionalisation and commericialisation. themes of the course. now i gotta mark those last four essays and read the masses of articles i printed off today.

ooo, we have class extensions for proposal and essay that were supposed to be due next week, very exciting.


grot said...

i htink there are no comments for this post because there is no comment to make

gtg said...

really? i thought it would spark a bunch of 'wtf is that? is that for real?'' comments. or maybe 'gosh, that's cool and funky!'

i think they're entirely cool. don't you?