Tuesday, February 20, 2007

and i love being a grad student

this is what i'm reading at the moment. that and an enormous stack of photocopied derrida extracts i'm pretending don't exist. . .


Anonymous said...

Hello Lian
what a lovely surprise in the mail box for me today. Thankyou for taking the time to buy me the bear bell. Mr Darcy was a bit worried by the ringing of the bell when I had it on his collar, but early days. I think that I will use it in my puppy classes, on how to keep track of your puppy.
Hope all is going fine over there, that is a lot of reading to do. I have heard that you are now settling in.
Looking forward to going to the Port Fairy Festival, it is going to be a big family affair.
Take care and all the best
Mrs Darcy

BBB said...

Hello there Mrs Darcy!
Sky learning to sit, stay, etc at school now. But getting very excited - works well at home but not at school! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello BBB
glad to hear you are going to dog school - great fun isn't it!!! Don't forget to take some real tasty treats to keep the attention.
Looking forward to seeing you soon
Mrs Darcy

gtg said...

hello mrs darcy! welcome to the commentsphere!

glad you enjoyed the surprise and the bell. i liked the little bone pattern - it was a bit cute. hope mr darcy gets used to it.

port fairy this year sounds fabulous! you lot must tell me all about it and send music recommendations.

love gtg

grot said...

yes, mrs darcy, we all know mr darcy is a very sensitive being!

sky just leapt off with it ringing in her ears - more interested in roo catching than bell tingling

we had a lovely walk and swim this morning, while bbb swans around in the city

see you at pfff