Monday, February 12, 2007

fabulon weekend

i saw this spoken word artist (ivan coyote):

and this musician (cara luft):

and made a fabulon pizza and watched buffy (interesting watching buffy with j cos he wrote his first book on it and could say all the lines before the actors did. the wine made it okay.)

and i discovered who the thumperupstairs is! i have a class with her. doooooooom. think i shall have to overcome my conflict-avoider soul and say something. i went to bed at 2am last night, she got up at 4am to go the loo then got up for good at 8am, then my alarm went off at 10am. not in the best shape today. . .

lecture nearly finished, marking likewise. wish me luck!


jt said...

Haven't you got any little yellow ear plugs, which people use when they are sleeping next to snorers??? She must be loud, cos you didnt hear me waking the dead at Cradle Mountain. Or did you??? and were too polite to complain. Unlike others!!!!
You do seem to be having a very good time - pity the study and teaching spoil it!!!

gtg said...

yes, i do, but i hate wearing them. and i get through them really quickly cos i take them off in my sleep and lose them. bah!

i was probably tireder at cradle mountain. and i like you, which is always different.

damn study taking up my time! i agree totally!