Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i do not love google

i have finally succumbed to the evils of the grotesque googleblogger beast. i resent this very much.

and in other random news:

it snowed yesterday! just a teensy bit, but now the mountains are covered in a light dusting and the main run on grouse looks mighty fine.

i have become addicted to vegemite toast. displaced nostalgia or vitamin b deficiency? you decide.

also, i got a interlibrary loan card thingy, cos i'm going on a research trip to UBC tomorrow to rummage round their medieval section, and look what it says on the card!

i'm faculty! bugger this doctoral business! you may all call me dr. gtg from now on.


itchy fingers said...

well done you for holding out this long. two weeks ago when i tried to post it refused me access completely until i changed my account over.

bastards. hope they're reading this.

gtg said...

i found that if you came at blogger from different places eventually it would let you just log in like a normal human. but i couldn't make it work this time. *sigh*