Saturday, February 03, 2007

vancouver island

yesterday i went on a day trip to vancouver island. i went with a couple who have been involved in most of the gatherings i've mentioned but haven't gifted with a nickname, for some reason, so i shall now christen them smudge and puck. that being the names of their cats. gosh i have a gift for invention. *anyway*. puck was going to a bare naked ladies concert so we went over too, and spent the day touristing. i heard that vancouver island is the size of england. don't know if that's true. anyway, it's very beautiful, with lots of national parks and small snow capped mountains in the middle. we caught the ferry over, which took an hour and a half, the last bit weaving through little forested islands.

puck grew up on vancouver island, so we met up with one of his old school friends and got a tour of victoria, the main city on the island. it is hte capital of the province of british columbia. this is their parliamentary buildings:
it's an older city than vancouver (i think cos vancouver got burnt down a couple of times) and has lovely old architecture. apparently it's crawling with tourists in summer. we did some shopping (lots of funky little shops, kinda like brunnie st) and had some seriously good food.

speaking of which, eleanor and i made pizza on thurs night. it was fab. she made the sauce:

and i did the base (or "crust" - my vocab is still extending). not one of my best, but we only let it rise one-episode-of-buffy long:
smudge came round and helped us eat it.

that's about it for my news. i was hoping to go to a big slam poetry championship tonight but they've sold out and i don't fancy standing round in the rain on the off-chance one of the pass holders will fail to turn up. so that's a bit of a bugger, but gives me lots more time to catch up on all the masses of work i have.

yes, it's raining again, but my, what lovely weather we had for our trip! sunny and perfect.


BBB said...

You might need to investigate a pizza stone, for creating a lovely CRUST on your BASE. Apparently very effective, according to Rose Levy.

BBB said...

Does this meant that we can swap pizza recipes?

gtg said...

no, no possessions! i am preparing myself to enjoy the freedom of having only a backpack's worth of belongings! apart from me books. . .

yes, well, we had a long discussion about the crust/base business and i kind of convinced her. but when in rome, etc.

you don't want the "crust" recipe, but the sauce, though, you should try that. she got a tin of tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms and some garlic, and cooked slowly for about twenty minutes. it was a thick sauce, but *really* tasty. this is instead of the tomato paste mixture, you know.

you need to send me the family recipe for dough, handed down from father to daughter through the generations. . . .

BBB said...

From memory:
1.5 cups flour (baker's i.e. high protein flour for preference)
0.66666 cps water at room temperature
1 tsp dried yeast
0.5 tsp salt
1 tblspn olive oil
Mix yeast thru flour first, then salt, then olive oil and water.
Mix thoroughly, then leave to rise, covered, in a warm place for at least 1 hour - or until doubled. Can leave for longer. Then put onto baking tray, cover and leave to rise for maybe half hour before use.
(As grot says: if I don't know the recipe by now after 20 + years, I never will!)

BBB's hint - be precise with the water, and add it all in one go. Need a soft, moist dough.

grot said...

only a backpack's worth of belongings!!!

*snorts and chokes on own vomit*

then becomes brilliant guitarist for last seconds of life

grot said...

(have had 1/2 bottle of champagne for 30 wedding anniversary)

gtg said...

ta, bbb. i'll give it a shot soon and let you know.

gtg said...

alco! alco! i mean, happy wedding anniversary! lovely to wake up to a bunch of drunken messages from the parental unit.

see, that's why i'm *preparing* to enjoy this freedom. don't rain on my ambitions.