Sunday, February 04, 2007

i forgot!

there were two other exciting tourist-style things about the trip to victoria (apart from the fact that i have now been to victoria and melbourne without leaving the northern hemisphere) - smudge and i were totally close to america. when we went down to catch the ferry we were about ten minutes drive away from the border. it was bizarre and scary. i mean, i have met lots of lovely americans here - one of the people we were hanging round victoria with was an ex-pat and two of my profs this semester are americans, but america as an entity still scares me. (NY is not america, everybody tells me). plus how weird are national boundaries? the idea that we could drive for ten minutes, spend half an hour being hassled by border officials (only a short time as white) and be in a different country? with different money? very odd. realised i've never crossed a land border, which is a very australian thing, i think. might be doing a day trip to seattle some time.

the other, less exciting thing was that i got to use an ice-scraper. haha. you keep it in yr car and use on the windows on winter mornings. this was a mini west coast version. my friends from central canada have a great big one with an ice-scraper on the end and a brush along the handle to sweep away the snow.


grot said...

sorry we have made you so anti-American

you must grow and forget your childhood brainwashing

grot said...
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gtg said...

i am growing. what else is considering *moving* to america? ch!

gtg said...

i mean, yes! it is all yr fault! i blame my racism on you!

jt said...

Did you delete that second comment, or was it censored???

grot said...

yes, i want to know the same thing, jt. I've been deleting some of my comments on tuchfrau's blog, because they keep coming up twice somehow

article by John Button, who said his father said Americans are soft, so when he lived in America and wanted them to leave, he opened a window.

THey can't survive w/out air-condtioning, apparently

gtg said...

i censored it. highly offensive.

nah, it was just grotty repeating herself. thought you woulnd't mind, grot.

now, now, grotty, no stereotype stories. we have *counts on fingers* ppl from nine countries in the audience (at least as far as i know).

grot said...

just passing on advice for how to survive in a foreign country

try it, tho, won't you?

grot said...

also, (just thort), if the lurkers from 9 countries are offended, could they not defend themselves by COMMENTING?

let's start a blog war!

i bagz nuclear!

gtg said...

no aircon here, as far as i can see. not hot enough.

will try it should i end up in US.

yah! blogwar! god's on *my* side, you know.