Saturday, February 17, 2007

in the same theme

here's a website on which you can hear phrases in irish gaelic:


grot said...

dial-up delivers a garbled glurp


tine said...

oooh, irish gaelic.


you know i tried to teach myself irish gaelic when i was, oh, probly in year 8. i just borrowed a book from the local library. it said it had a tape that went with it, to help with pronunciation, but i was like, pfft, i don't need no tape.

needless to say, my attempts were not, um, successful.

although have been listening to lots of sinead's songs in gaelic, so my gaelic now consists solely of sinead song titles. tres useful.

gtg said...

can you steal the interweb from work and listen to irish people?

gtg said...


i love yr stories. that is hilar. you should learn old irish. it looks fabulous and completely unintelligble. much like sinead.

i am *so* funny.

grot said...

i too have always wanted to learn gaelic

could we have a 'yearning for gaelic' support group on this blog?

mothers never steal, gtg

gtg said...

start yr own support-blog! i can not be all things to all bloggers.