Friday, February 16, 2007

dept dinner

we had the english department dinner last night. rather good fun. we all dressed up and ate nice food and drank a lot of wine. it was supposed to be a faculty-grad student mingling thing, which didn't quite pan out, but we did get to play with the small children of the faculty.

then we went off to the railway club and saw some interesting folky/rocky musos, including carolyn mark, who was a bit cool. i think the railway club should be my new hangout. it is hip and funky and sort of deconstructed. and it has a little segregated verandah for the smokers, which is entertaining. (have it mentioned the no smoking indoors thing? oh how i love it.)

feeling a little the worse for wear now, and just got back from a session on how to get a job in colleges, which are kinda like TAFEs. cardboard box, blah blah. though i may have some marking work lined up for fall, which would be nice.

must do study. *must*

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