Friday, February 09, 2007

random photos

went to a session today about getting academic jobs. the carboard box in alice springs is looking better all the time. tell gecko girl i'm on my way!

so here are some random photos for you. these are medieval monks making a book:

this is what the parental unit are doing to my plants while i'm away:

and this is me being a wannabe subcultural hipster (oh, and virg): that's my "thought is free" t-shirt. hmm. this isn't mean to be a hyperlink. bother.


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!

And, anyways we have done very well to resurrect the baby plant. It was very nearly cactus.


Anonymous said...

Hey, no defeatist talk here! Go for it like a cockroach after crumbs.


gtg said...

hmm. nearly cactus is not improving yr case.

ta re. gorgeous!

i have writtne, like, *stuff* for lecture. gonna wing the rest. haha, not really. doooom

Anonymous said...

baby plant is now thriving - refer to photo showing lots of healthy foliage!


grot said...

yes, you do look pretty.

is that the look yr after? (as opposed to severe, intelligent academic etc)

gtg said...

oh, i don't teach in anything so interesting as that. much more boring/severe.

i look more like an academic with my glasses on. . .