Saturday, February 24, 2007

the world is a good place to be

i was wandering down commerical drive, going to do my grocery shopping, empty milk bottles in backpack, "the be good tanyas" on my ipod, when I bumped into n. she took me round for hot chocolate at her house, which is a lovely big hippie house with spices in jars and three kinds of milk, none cow-based. i met her housemates, including the one year old. it's been ages since i got to play with a baby. he was a friendly bubbly kid in furry overalls.

then i was walking back through the gentle rain, thinking what a nice place the world is and how good it is to live in vancouver, and i went past a florists. i went in and look what i found!
i had a nice chat to the florists, explained about wattle and how to spell it (funny to hear yr own accent echoed), then went and bought up masses of fruit and some leeks and more milk in nice square glass bottles.

now i have to get going on this assignment. i have kangaroo paw! it all smells so good. i miss the smell of gumtrees.


Anonymous said...

Acacia longifolia perhaps???, combined with eucalyptus globulus ???, and the kangaroo paw - dunno.

Was it quite fresh?


gtg said...

they were calling it something else entirely. starting with an m? anyway,*i* recognised it for what it was.

yes, quite fresh. i shall go back. though it seems odd to pay money for such things. (not all that much money)

check out postsecret - i wonder if you will remember.

grot said...

wattle is called mimosa in most places - that's what it's called where it grows in Africa, I think

very zen looking arrangement

gtg said...

that'd be it, then. ta.

for "zen" read "pov".

have you gone to postsecret yet?

itchy fingers said...

what about postsecret? i have been and seen nothing remotely familiar.

do you have a secret there?

i must know!