Thursday, February 01, 2007

this is just getting silly now

look what i just got through child_lit. this does not help the existential crisis.
wanna go to chicago for christmas? it's near the lakes. we could duck over to
toronto or something. . .

not that they'd probably take me. but anyway.

yea gods.

MLA 2007
CFP: Children and Political Activism

Inspired by the work of Susan Bartoletti's Kids on Strike and Growing
up in Coal Country , this panel seeks submissions examining children's texts
(fictional, non-fictional, photographic, etc.) depicting children
taking political action and/or texts that are designed to inspire child
readers to take up direct political action.

These texts--marketed to children--might include representations of
radical children demanding their rights or fighting for particular causes.

Abstract Deadline: 1 March 2007
Send 1-2 page abstracts or 8-page papers to:


Tuchfrau said...

What existensial crisis? I thought you were having a crisis over the lack of Judy Horacek cartoons on the web, not about any wider matters. What's up?

BBB said...

Indeedy, what existential crisis? Not enuf food to eat, thereby threatening one's existence? Or maybe questioning the meaning of one's existence? Or just wondering at whacko conference organisers? What a theme, especially in the U S of A!

tine said...

oooooh! interesting! go on, do it! doooooo iiiiiittttt!!

gtg said...

hello tuchfrau,

see email for details. the horacek cartoon was to illustrate the existential crisis. sorry for confusion!

just the usual things - who am i? why am i here? etc.

gtg said...


it's a fab theme. perfect. too perfect, in fact. bother.

gtg said...

thanks, tine! i find it so persuasive when ppl use the word 'iiiiiit'!

no, really, i do.

will keep you up to date.