Tuesday, February 13, 2007


wheee! i like lecturing. and i think the audience enjoyed it too. ooo, i got one of those little clip-on microphones with a battery pack at the waist and had a powerpoint pres and all. i also used the opportunity to smuggle in a little feminist content, which was very satisfying. and i was chatting during the tutorial with some of my bright students and they liked it too and were all "why did you think that and couldn't it be this and you need to slow down cos i couldn't write it all down" and yay! it was much too short (didn't plan that very well) so i asked for questions and got a few good ones, and not all of them were from my friends! only about half. . .

the end love gtg

ps. this is one of the pics from my powerpoint thingy. it represents an artist's relationship with her animals.


grot said...

to me it's a little red-haired gtg with her max and jill


gtg said...

aw. thanks, grotty.

does it not remind me of yr artistic process? i was cleaning all the hair out of my mouse (keyboard mouse, you know) and tried to act out yr novella. but i couldn't identify any dog hairs. boo.

grot said...