Thursday, February 22, 2007


ubc is kinda pretty. it's out on a penisula on the other side of town with park around. there was lots of this sort of thing:

but why does the english department always have the ugliest building?

i spent sixteen million years in their libraries and found all sorts of wonderful things for this assignment, including a big colour book called "the ancient books of ireland" which has lots of pretty pictures. turns out the holes in that manuscript aren't from the cow but from over-zealous rubbing out by a later scribe. there ya go.

i have also been reading translations of the stories in the manuscript. pre-christian irish myths are kinda icky. vis:

[Cet says to Conall] "If Anluan were in the house he would offer you yet another contest. It is a pity for us that he is not in the house."

"He is though," said Conall, taking the head of Anluan from his belt, and hurling it at the breast of his opponent with such violence that a gush of blood burst through Cet's lips.

this is my cultural heritage? ew.

after the library going i went for a wander down the beach. i had a paddle - the water was tremendously cold - and found a patch of sand to practise my handstands. very speccy with the snowy mountains rising above the sea. there were a few little kids wearing padded jackets puddling in the rock pools.

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