Tuesday, February 27, 2007

my own work, however

check out this wild manuscript! it was produced in the late 15th, early 16th century, maybe, and is "a collection of unidentified texts in an unidentified langauge in unbroken cipher." (_the medieval book_, shailor 105) apart from the fact that *nobody* has been able to work out what the hell it's about, there are these strange drawings of naked women playing in pipes all through one section of the manuscript.

it's fabulous. yay for the middle ages!


HF said...

Hi Lino,
Haven't visited you for a while - looks things are going well with you and that you are having fun - though still moaning about the marking! ;) Loved the pics from the Chinese New Year and all the pics of the snow. I was in Warsaw and Stockholm last week and (I'm sure I told you?) and Stockholm was all covered in snow and even parts of the sea were frozen, so much that you could walk or skate on it. I guess the temperature was similar to what you've been experiencing. Spring has sprung in London and the bulbs are out too. Its light when we get up and when we leave work now so yay! Much love, M

gtg said...

hello HF, good to see your virtual self.

it's my tutorial and i'll whine if i want to, whine if i want to. ..

glad you liked the pics. i will make sure to go somewhere interesting soon and take more. interesting places like you. did you have a nice time? hope you got time to run round and do some tourist things.

can't believe the sea was frozen! that's amazing. i don't think it's been that cold here. though the pond was frozen over again.

aw, spring in london.