Wednesday, February 28, 2007

everybody's favourite cripple

erg. have become badly-animated-robot-girl again. my knee hurts and the physio said i am constructed all wrong and will never run a marathon and will probably drop dead in a week from tendons-on-funny-angle-itis. or something along those lines. . . *wallows in self-pity*

i spent three hours in my office thus:
people kept dropping in and fetching me coffee and meds and things, which was quite fun, actually. but i walk so slowly by the time i got home a little snow drift had built up on my backpack. yes, and the snow! purty. but cold. but purty.

all the uni offers for this year are coming in. most of my friends will be scattering around north america in august, which means i'll be able to do some kickarse couch-hopping. they have exciting well-paid offers to exciting universities - very inspiring.


itchy fingers said...

aw, huggles.

you poor thing, my knee still hurts from last week also. but i can still walk, so probably not as bad as you.
rest up, etc.

p.s bad house developments make itchy sad.

grot said...

sorry my darling - i gave you my brains ( i typed that brians - waht a great freudian slip! Been doing Fr slips in myths and symbols)

i gave you my brains and creativity, but also my knees and tendon stuff - win some, lose some

XXXX on sore knee

off to alb to say goodbye to lis, so wont be online for 3 days

gtg said...


thankyou m'dear.

sorry about house developments. hang in there!

gtg said...


hmm, yes. i have been playing "blame the mother". thankyou for justifying!

i might call you in albury. where are you staying?