Wednesday, October 25, 2006

bloody student politics

all these children tottered past my window this morning like a row of ducklings. they were all in little waterproof jumpsuits and thermal hats. the weather has turned. top of 12 degrees today (probably less on the mountain), cold, raining, started to get dark at 5pm. hmm.

i know what time it got dark cos we had a student general meeting from 2.30 til 5.30. three hours, outside. haven't been so cold since last time i went skiing. just had a long bubblebath to make sure i have feeling in all extremeties. bloody student politics. democracy is a fine concept but the actual doing of it stinks. this was a 'i'd like to move a motion to vote on the motion' style meeting with lots of people calling points of order. gah. still, all the resolutions passed and we made quorum (500ppl) and kept it for the entire time, which was incredible considering the cold. first time they've got quorum in 10 years, apparently. ah, the amount of time i've spent sitting under god's urinal at MU, being counted. . .

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