Monday, October 09, 2006

more tofurkey

this is what it turned out like:

it tasted, well, like fakemeats do. a bit weird and over salted, but generally nice. the meat-eaters had an enormous turkey. there was soooo much food, and it was so good and we drank bubbly and talked like english students. a very nice evening.

now i am procrastinating like a procrastinating thing. hmm. so here are some random pictures!

this is the view south-west of campus, over the city to the sea. that lump in the distance, there, i found out it's vancouver island. which is a big WOW if you know the geography. i tried to find a proper map that shows the scale, but this was the closest i could get:

if you click on it you'll get a big version up. so i'm in van, or off to the east of it a bit (not much on this map) and i can see all the way out to the big island on the left there. oh yeah.

and this is why they call it 'fall', i guess. (this is near my res)


Grot said...

did your dinner companions find it odd when you whipped out yr camera and photographed the food?

gtg said...

um. yes? i was very subtle about it - the joys of tiny digital cameras - and they are understanding of my touristy tendencies. . . ie. oh, it's gtg being odd again.

Stef said...

Where do i get me some??? : )

gaurox said...

aw MAN. i'd been waiting and waiting and waiting for the tofurkey post, and i kept visiting the blog and thinking 'where is lian ! why has she not posted !' and it turned out my browser had done that thing where it loads a cached version and not the new one. ARGH. i think when i check something obsessively it just doesn't update it. it's like a curse.

tofurkey looks SOOO good. is that cranberry sauce in the second picture ??

gauri said...

oops, sorry about using your name, feel free to delete the prev comment !

gtg said...

hi stef,

mmmm, fake meats! i heard you can get them in aus. dunno where. if i were you i would hang on til american thanksgiving then hang out in gourmet shops. or i'll send you a box by frozen sea mail!


gtg said...

your browser sucks, dude. what're you using?

i'd been waiting for yr response to the tofurkey! is it not hilar?? and yes, that's cranberry sauce. except i think i got gyped. all the cranberry sauce was canned and it was just like weird jam. i guess ppl had put their effort into the pie, which is an okay excuse, i guess. . . ; )

(i will never talk you ever again, oxen-of-gaur)

Grot said...

i think cranberry sauce only comes canned - it is not real, the way the tofuturkey is not real - it is time you realised this, you vegos

lucky i'm just a piscoppoultryarian

gtg said...

no, that can't be true! you can buy frozen cranberries, so there must be a way of boiling them up or something and making yr own sauce.

unless, you're joking. . . you're joking, aren't you? cruel mother!

vegae-quarian! vegeaquarian!