Tuesday, October 24, 2006

whining about workload, mostly

two down! only 17 essays to mark! and that conference presentation to write. . .

today was an essay proposal for asian canadian literature. i fear i'm actually getting good at writing proposals, which is depressing cos a lot of it is just *wank*. also it would be nice if i was good at teaching how to write a prop. poor things still have no idea and i don't know how to get it across. oh well. they don't have to hand in any more after this one.

gave my patented 'how to read an essay question' lesson today, which went quite well (i handed round dictionaries and made them look up words like 'analyse' and 'consider') then got them to do an exercise i swiped from grotty, in which they had to think about mythologising their own life and write about which animals their family members would be. (still on *life of pi*, still. . .) got some interesting responses. they were pretty into it. ta grotty!

everybody is completely swamped right now. we had a frustrating tute last night for renaissance lit. the prof said we were the least energetic group she'd ever discussed 'malleus maleficarum' with. it was all witchcraft and torture and stuff and we were all too tired to get as angry or excited as the material deserved. ridiculous situation to be too tired from doing the reading to talk about it. will work much more efficiently in future. just as soon as i watch the long-lost buffy pilot on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrQX0jmjcYQ). . .

lovely postcard and magnet from jt. thankyou! the red soil looks amazing.

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