Saturday, October 14, 2006


and this is in honour of the outdated model. isn't he ccuuuuuuute?


Grot said...

should see him now - yesterday he spent 2 hours at the hairdresser, first time ever, so he looks and smells divine

no puppies today - they sold them! instead, we are thinking of german shorthaired pointers - our first ever non-human baby was a beautiful one

of course, nothing could ever replace our canadian baby - probably

gtg said...

is he traumatised? send pic!

aw, no puppies. i was all excited. i thought you said a g.s.p. would disapear straight off down the back after wallabies?


crin said...

oooh, lookit him!
he already looks divine in that photo! cousins r & r would be impressed!

did he have fun at the hairdressers or was he terrified? gawd, imagine my two sitting still and behaving for a complete stranger while they had their hairs pulled!

grotty, wouldn't a g.s.p be loads of work? aren't they bounce-about doggies?

Grot said...

he was a bit worried at first, when she shaved his underbelly (now available for raspberries - eerg, i hear the non-dog people say).

But after the bath and blow-dry he was ready for the next all-over brushing and gave the groomer lots of kisses (errg, i hear the ...)

yes, gsp bounce about, but we are fit and healthy baby boomers - we can handle any challenge