Monday, October 16, 2006

non-smoking wings

crusty morning but lovely talkative tute on 'dr faustus' this evening (after all that whining! macbeth is next. you have been warned.) i felt properly engaged and kinda knowledgable.

gothing last night fabulous fun. lots of freaks and posers and WINGS! just like home except i didn't know the pretty people (except the small posse i was with) and no smoke! have i mentioned the no smoking anywhere thing? it is fabulous. i come home and don't have to have a shower and wash my hair and all my clothes and hang my coat out to air. not nearly as paranoid about ventolin either.

tomorrow i'm presenting on judith butler. i spent about two hours with the article and a range of dictionaries, going through it on a sentence level, working out what she meant to say. i did three pages. i usually like butler! oh well.

updated version of outdated model:


gaurix said...

i love you !

gtg said...

like a walrus? (ooo, baby)