Tuesday, October 10, 2006

pumpkin pie!

it is warm and sweet and kind of cinnamony and good - not at all like you would expect. (the other aussie expat took this picture)

and some other desserts:

good god i am full. again. my belly is round like a watermelon.


gauri said...

mmm. dessertsssss.

care package went out today, so hopefully it'll arrive in a little while !

JT said...

I made a pumpkin pie once. The dog loved it!!!
Perhaps I haven't got the knack, or used the wrong type of pumpkin????
Good to see you're eating well!!!

crin said...

ooooooooh me goodness....food! it looks so so good. i love pie.

jt's didn't turn out on account of her forgetting to peel the punkin. it was good....but crunchy.

tine said...

have you never had pumpkin pie before?? were you still here when sally made those little ones? was it for halloween? anyway.

heehee, little round watermelon belly.

gtg said...


yay for carepackages! so exciting!

gtg said...

well done, jt! you definitely have to peel it! that's about all i know. apparently it is an art, handed down from mother to daughter. i'm going to a pumpkin carving party in a couple of weeks, so i can help you with that if you ever had the need.

eating so well. mmm. still full actually. i think the second dinner was what did it. like having christmas lunch two days in a row. . . .

Grot said...

how can i call myself a mutha when i didn't hand down the art of pumpkin pie?

sackcloth and ashes AGAIN!!!

gtg said...

could *not* call yourself a 'mutha', dwayne??? (though it's not deathman dwayne anymore, is it? sorry)

you never taught me pumpkin carving either. shame!

gtg said...

hey tine-ox,

no, i don't remember sally's pies. . . am bad friend.

mmm, punkin belly. ..