Sunday, October 22, 2006

help help i'm being repressed!

(we all love ronan dirge!)

ah, halloween approaches! so exciting! i was invited to a pumpkin carving party tonight but i can't go cos i have too much work. and i have a pumpkin and all! so cut! actually i am all prepared for halloween:
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i even have an idea for a costume, thanks to all this study i have been complaining about. i've been researching jugglers and conjurers and fools. . . we shall see!

all the hours mucking round in the renaissance database paid off. i have one story about how an evil conjurer dropped dead on trial and was found to have tokens of devil worship hung all round his body (bits of baby limbs, probably. they're into that), another pamphlet saying 'sorry about that thing i wrote saying all actors were in league with the devil and that jugglers are evil and especially sorry i called the queen a whore' and another one which is explaining that magic tricks are sleight of hand, not facilitated by the devil, which explains exactly how to do all the tricks, with diagrams. my favourite is the one about how to pretend to decapitate someone and also the pictures of knifes with little half-moons cut in them so you could pretend to cut off your nose. all of this is welcome distraction from our set reading this week which is all about witches. we have an inquisitor's handbook which gives step by step instructions on how to extract a confession - what sort of torture to start with, etc. apart from being gruesome it's also the most misogynist stuff i've *ever* read.

that's one assignment down.

went and saw 'monty python and the holy grail' on the big screen last night which was, as always, *hilarious*, then 'indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark" (bizarre double bill) which was dodgy as hell but fun, then went out with the gang. good fun.

lovely crisp autumn day:


gauri said...

IS THE INDIANA JONES THEME SONG NOW REINFORCED ??????????????????????????????????????????

gtg said...

oh yeah, baby, it's here to stay!